Melanie Saunders  -  Designer / Director

Hey there! I'm Melanie.
I am the one who listens, problem solves and designs. I'm also the one who picks up the phone when you call.
You could say that I have always found pleasure in aesthetics. I like nice things around me and appreciate the finer things in life.
One of my biggest achievements as a young adult was walking out of the Graphic Design TAFE course interview in the late 90's. I was beaming the biggest smile ever, knowing i had just blitzed the interview. This opportunity would set me up for the best career opportunity of my life and i felt ready to take on the world!
I spent years developing my business skills, design knowledge and experience working with clients across many different industries. It was 2002 when the unstoppable urge to start Engana Graphics began. I launched straight in and haven't looked back since.

The ongoing challenge to keep getting better at what i do, learn and develop my skills, and collaborate with other talented folk keeps me passionate about design and working for myself.

Melanie's Skills

Graphic & Web Designer 100%

Branding Specialist 100%

InDesign | Photoshop | Illustrator 100%

Mailchimp 100%

Craig Saunders  -  Website Programmer / Developer

Craig has been building and developing business systems since 1992 and is highly skilled in integrating business and technology. He's also my web guru.

He has a keen interest in new technology and has extensive knowledge working with different companies. Best of all, Craig is results driven and thrives on measurable outcomes that mean more robust and healthy businesses.

Craig’s philosophy has always been to understand the company before developing website solutions.
He has worked with large companies such as BHP, Bluescope Steel throughout the 90’s, and more recently achieved outstanding results with developing the online presence and extensive SEO work for The Christmas Warehouse, Byron Bay Shuttle and 1300 Smoke Alarms.

Craig's Skills

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 100%

Online Business Development 100%

Drupal 100%


We have worked with small to large businesses spanning over 50 different industries.

I have worked with Mel on many projects and it's always been a most enjoyable experience. However, it's not just the fact that she has a can-do attitude and a sunny disposition that I continue to work with her and also chose her to do my own rebranding this year.

Mel has an open mind which makes her receptive to innovative and new ideas and ensures that her work is always creative, distinctive and of the highest quality. If you're looking for a graphic designer who is going to add value to your brand then you can't go past Mel.

Judy Hacker
Director Maxim Marketing

We thought we would be deliberating for weeks or months over the logo to come up with exactly what we wanted. Melanie presented us with 2 possibilities and the one we selected was perfect in every sense.

We felt she had truly captured the essence of what we were trying to present to the market.
We were so surprised to find that there was no deliberation. We did not request a single change to what she had created.
Not only did she create our perfect logo and branding but she responded incredibly fast to urgent requests.

I highly recommend the services of Melanie Blint and engana GRAPHICS to any business looking to create or improve branding. I believe you will be hard pressed to find better.

Ken Edgerton
Director Phase 42