I’ve been in marketing and advertising all of my life. I’ve learned that the best outcomes come from designers who listen, who question, who borrow your shoes and walk around in them for a while - in other words, who immerse themselves in your product and your ideals so that they can best represent them. Mel does all these things and more. I have never, ever, worked with a designer who nailed it on the first go. I have never, ever, worked with a designer who encompassed a product so well that she made me clap and cry at the same time. That was until Mel. And Mel continues to get it right as she works with me on developing my brand. Mel - I will never, ever leave you.

Diana Scott

Founder, Frontier Pets.

I am so so pleased with the work you have done and very excited.You make it easy for me too because you listen and question to ensure you truly understand what I’m trying to achieve. This allows you to be ‘bold’ enough to tell me upfront what won’t work too which saves us all time and heartache.Look forward to receiving your bill….bet you don’t hear that very often!

Sue Solier

Director Think Quit Smoking

I have worked with Mel on many projects and it's always been a most enjoyable experience. However, it's not just the fact that she has a can-do attitude and a sunny disposition that I continue to work with her and also chose her to do my own rebranding this year. Mel has an open mind which makes her receptive to innovative and new ideas and ensures that her work is always creative, distinctive and of the highest quality. If you're looking for a graphic designer who is going to add value to your brand then you can't go past Mel..

Judy Hacker

Director Maxim Marketing

'I am not sure whether I told you when we met, but my daughter used to do my graphics before. Not only have you professionalised kogo, made my life so much easier but you have also done wonders for my relationship with my daughter!!

Ros Rogers

Director Knit One Give One

Gee I love it! You are SO clever!

Aura Lipski

Project Director Jewish Australia Online

We thought we would be deliberating for weeks or months over the logo to come up with exactly what we wanted. Melanie presented us with 2 possibilities and the one we selected was perfect in every sense.We felt she had truly captured the essence of what we were trying to present to the market.We were so surprised to find that there was no deliberation. We did not request a single change to what she had created.Not only did she create our perfect logo and branding but she responded incredibly fast to urgent requests.I highly recommend the services of Melanie Blint and engana GRAPHICS to any business looking to create or improve branding. I believe you will be hard pressed to find better.

Ken Edgerton

Director Phase 42

Our website was looking very tired. Engana gave it an entirely new look – the results and ‘bang for buck’ were terrific. We have received many comments and traffic has definitely increased.

Kane Law

Director AIRR

I just wanted to express my genuine appreciation for your great work and efforts in creating my Yogazen website and associated material. Your ability to intuitively interpret a brief and then turn this concept into a product that resonated perfectly first time was amazing. Thank you for your professionalism, patience and attention to detail. This combined with your creativity and passion to get the right look and feel for my business has led to a brilliant result. In any small business quality partnerships can make a vital difference in the level of success, and your contribution to YogaZen has helped set a very positive platform. I have received numerous positive comments on the simple elegance and “cut through” of the site and personally couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Mark Pheely