Do you cringe when people ask to see your website?

Those few extra moments of silence before you hand your card over say it all -

A poorly designed website or brand image means you have to work much harder to gain the confidence of visitors– and it could cost you clients!

Your website should be visually appealing and offer the information they expect to see - easily and efficiently.

When getting a website facelift, consider these 5 things;

1. Brand Consistency

Your website and any promotional material you have including stationery, should look like it comes from the same business.
Colours, fonts, image styles, layout, the tone in which copy is written are all ways to tie your brand together.

2. Less Confusion, More Cohesion

You want people to look through your website and get the information they need quickly with the least amount of questions popping up in their minds.
Directing visitors through your website by use of buttons, wording, layout, links and graphics will make the user experience much better.

3. Where Are You Now?

One of the reasons you might be considering a website facelift is that your business has grown, changed or evolved from when you first had it created.
Reconsider what you offer now, what you want your website to achieve and how the industry expectations may have changed.
There is no point in redesigning your website if it’s not going to reflect you and be a better site.

4. Take Action

Make the website work for you.
For example, if your aim for the website is to build a database, have an enticing offer so visitors will want to leave their email address.
Have a process in place to collect email addresses and use them to further engage to potential clients such as sending out regular e-newsletters.
If your website is purely a brochure style website, give them information and feed their interest. Make it worth their while visiting.

5. Step Into Your Customers Shoes

Have a good think about what your customers and potentials might want, or expect to see.
You don’t want to bamboozle visitors with RSS Feeds or Blogs if it will be of no interest to them. Keep your website relevant.

A website facelift doesn’t have to mean a complete re-construction. It might mean a few nips and tucks, a little tweak here or there - but the results will be astounding.

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