You know those days you FINALLY get around to treating yourself to a hard earned massage?  You've waited a long time for this, you've thought about it every day for a month ... lying on the table in total relaxation... mmmmm.....

You visit the website, get excited, and dissect the Massage types to see which one you want.
Even after planing your whole week around the massage, you know this place accepts walk-ins and you can turn up without booking. So you do.
Problem is, when you get there, the place is CLOSED!
I know it's a first world problem. But it's all relative right? You worked hard for this.
And you're not in the mood to take responsibility for not booking.

You are just peeved that the


on the HOME PAGE!

We all like to shift the blame just a little sometimes - even just for a moment.
But it still doesn't answer the question of WHY businesses MAKE YOU WORK HARD for important information.
If you're in a business where people come to your place of work, and the address or opening hours are not easy to find, you won't drastically turn them away but you will certainly irritate them.
SO, keep it nice and make it obvious. Make the opening hours OBVIOUS. Don't make people work hard for answers.
Your home page is prime realestate. And not only that, the top part of the home page is even better realestate.
So ask yourself this.
What are the top 3 reasons
people come to my website?

In the case of a Massage Clinic, it might be:
  1.  To make a booking
  2.  Find out what massages are available (and make a booking)
  3.  To educate about why massage is important (and make a booking).

So please for the love of god, make it REALLY EASY for customers to Make a Booking, to Find You, and to Get excited about getting their hard earned massage.

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