Starting up a new business can be a big deal, and if you’re not prepared and well informed, there can be lots of hurdles to overcome.
Getting a logo and business identity can be the moment your business comes to life and if you don’t have proper guidance through this process, important things can get missed.
To begin the branding process, here are 5 important tips to really understand your business and assist your logo designer.

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Why You Need a Good Logo

Your business logo is often the very first impression you make on potential customers, so you need to ensure it attracts the right amount of attention.

It also needs to stand out from your competitors, so it’s important to see what they do and then try to differentiate yourself.

Ultimately, you need a logo that symbolises your brand personality and what you do to make a lasting impression.

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Colour is the ultimate brand builder. It has such an impact on evoking emotions from your customers and instils long lasting feelings towards your brand. That’s why choosing the right colour, or a set of colours, is really important to positively represent your products or services in the best way possible.
Everyone has a favourite colour. So how do you choose the right colour for your brand? And which colours are going to have the most impact to help communicate your message in the most effective way?

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