Starting up a new business can be a big deal, and if you’re not prepared and well informed, there can be lots of hurdles to overcome.
Getting a logo and business identity can be the moment your business comes to life and if you don’t have proper guidance through this process, important things can get missed.
To begin the branding process, here are 5 important tips to really understand your business and assist your logo designer.

1. Brand Values

Write down a list of values your business represents.
Think about;
  What drives you?
  Why you are starting your business.
  What you are passionate about.
  What your standards are.
  What is it that you simply will not budge on?

TIP: Be as specific as you can, brainstorm and write everything down.
Narrow down your list until you come up with the top 3-5 most important things you value in your business.

2. Brand Personality

Your business name and your visual identity should reflect certain characteristics about your business. Think about whether your brand personality will be humorous, quirky, serious, straightforward or lighthearted.
The tone in which copy is written on your website, brochures and all marketing collateral should mirror your brand personality.
Your decision should be based on whom you are communicating to and what your brand values are. Remember that the brand personality should follow through every aspect of your communications.
TIP: Do research and get some advice from your marketing consultant or graphic designer.

3. Where, What, Who and How

Knowing where your brand will be used, and how it will be used will help to get a clear picture of who your target market is. Your distribution methods will form part of your strategy.
Ask yourself these questions;
  Where will your logo be shown, eg; website, stationery, signage,   
  car advertising, television advertising, supermarket shelves…
  What keywords would I search for if I needed the service or product I provide?
  Who is likely to want my product or service?
  How will potential customers find me? If I were them, how would I find me?
TIP: Write a list and prioritize what marketing collateral you will need for your launch date, within the first 2 months, and within the first 5 months. Staggering these items will help with your cash flow.

4. Business Name

A catchy and appropriate name that’s easy to remember, easy to say, and easy to spell will capture your audience’s attention and be a memorable brand.
It’s also just as important that your business name reflects your brand values, brand personality and aligns with your business goals.
The name doesn’t have to be directly related to what you offer, ie: Apple, Kodak..
But the personality of your brand might dictate whether a more literal name or a quirky abstract name should be used, ie: Facebook, 7eleven, Google, PriceWaterhouseCoopers..
Develop a tagline and write a memorable, meaningful and concise sentence or few words that captures the essence of your brand ie; Nokia – Connecting People
TIP: Before you decide on your new business name, check to see if the domain name is available. If it is, consider purchasing the domain straight away. The better the business name, the more likely a domain name won’t be available.

5. Brand Strategy

Points 1-4 above will define your brand and form part of your brand strategy.
Knowing what your business goals are will determine what steps to take to get there.

Ask yourself these questions:
  What is the future of your business?
  Where will you be in 5 years? Are you looking to expand your services?
  Are you hoping to grow to an international or interstate market?
TIP: Pull all of the points 1-5 together into a document that you refer back to whenever a business decision needs to be made.
This document will also help copywriters, designers and marketing consultants really understand your business.

Get some advice from a professional marketing consultant or graphic designer if you’re unsure how to move forward with your branding.
A good designer will ask you the questions they need in order to design the perfect logo and brand for your business, so its important to be prepared and be ready for them.

The rest is easy!

Good luck!!

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