Thinking of a great business name and getting a logo designed is only the beginning of the branding process.

Being unaware if your name or logo is infringing on an existing trademark could not only cost you money but could also lead to a potential lawsuit. Ouch!

It’s my name. I thought of it first

Are you sure you’re the only one who thought of this brilliant name? These days with more and more small businesses popping up all over the place, it’s getting harder to come up with a business name that is unique, brilliant and also available. So when you do, you not only want to protect it from others using it, but also make sure you’re not violating someone else’s trademark.

Do the research

Doing the appropriate searches on your business name before you get your logo designed, will ensure you aren’t infringing on the rights of another business, and could save you from having to choose another name and redesign your logo, signage, brochures, stationery, product packaging, website etc....
So here’s how to check before you start designing your logo…

Google / Yellow Pages / White Pages Search

Searching online through google and business directories for the business name you’ve chosen is a great start.
They are not specialist searches and you wont always know if these business are registered, but it will certainly give you an indication of who else is in the market and what they are doing with their branding.

Domain Name Searches

Once you’ve googled the name, do a domain name search to check if the URL with your business name is available. If it’s already taken, and there are no variations of the name available, then back to the drawing board…
Here are a couple of good sites to use to check for available domain names:

Trademark Search

Doing proper trademark searches will determine which businesses have been registered that either haven’t got a website yet, or ones that are still in the early stages of trademarking. ATMOSS allows you to search all registered trademarks and pending applications. and this free ASIC search will show up any identical or similar registered company or business names.

To find out more about Trademarking, contact us at Engana Graphics and we will put you in touch with our preferred suppliers who specialize in trademarking services.

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